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you can't change the way you feel

but you can't tell me that this aint real

Slash Request Community
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All Members , Moderated
The Incomplete List of what NOT to do when writing slash fan fiction: click here

This group is for the hxc slash fandom fan base. It was made to weed out the request posts in a7x_slashness.

This community is here for two purposes:
1) If there is a specific story you forgot to put in your mems or something and now you can't find it, request it here and maybe someone will have it for you. Searching for slash photos is also allowed.
2)If you want a story written, but for whatever reason you can't write it you can request for it to be written here.

Note: I cannot guarantee all stories will be found or all stories will be written. We're not going on a mad hunt for stories and it's no ones job in this comm to do that. I also don't have writers specifically to write your requests.

When trying to find a story please include these facts:

When requesting for a story to be written please use this format:

Any information you don't know is fine.

1) No arguments. Period. I don't know why there would be, but either way it's a rule.
2) Try to follow the formats given the best you can because it's more helpful when finding a fic or writing one.
3) No cussing on the front page. Asterick it out if it's a must please.
4) Any pictures, videos, or dramatically long posts should go behind an lj-cut.
5) Don't post any stories here. If you agree to write a story for someone please post it to a7x_slashness or hard_core_slash.
6) Please don't advertise other comms and such in this community unless given permission. I don't think anything needs to be advertised here.
7) Looking for SLASH RELATED photos is allowed, but if it's not slash related it will be deleted.
8) Anything else ask me tracervudu7