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Posted by synvul84 on 2012.03.28 at 18:03
Does anyone have any works from Soundtrack of my Life saved? I wanna read their work again very badly, haha.

Looking for a fic :)

Posted by letitdie666 on 2011.11.16 at 15:32
Hey! I'm looking for a fic that I read a while ago,I think is called Not Afrai.Witch is tha Zack and Brian get drunk and had sex,and then they decide to continue.

Someone has the link??

Or some like that??

Looking for a Fic

Posted by reddragon288 on 2011.11.01 at 09:03
I was just wondering if anyone had a copy of Sevenfold Manor since the authors accounts been deleted and I really wanted to read it again. Thanks!

I'm looking for a story I read a while ago. Here are the details:

Pairing: Zack (A7X)/Alex (Atreyu)... I'm pretty sure that is the pairing.
Type: One-shot
Synopsis: The story was based on the Faith No More song Epic (covered by Atreyu). I think the name of the story was "What Is It?" or something like that. Basically one of the guys is explaining to the other that the song is talking about sex with a guy, or something along those lines.

Kelly, Kel, ball


Posted by aightball on 2011.08.12 at 21:33
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Trying to piece together a story from A7XSlashness (I think) called "Isn't Someone Missing Me?" by
missyxplague. That account has been deleted, but I thought I'd found all the chapters in the archive; reading over it tonight, I realize I'm missing at least two chapters. Help?


Sub Matt

Posted by ajcuteface on 2011.08.10 at 21:57
I'm looking for fic's where M. Shadows/Matt Sanders is an 'innocent' Submissive (:

also looking for

Synopsis: Matt is the most feared Pirate of all and he finds Brian and Zack who are Bandits trying to loot his ship and takes Zack as his slave. They end up falling in love at the end and die with the ship when it sinks from being attacked.


Posted by liiesel on 2011.08.10 at 19:13
 I'm looking for this Brian/Zack fic i read a long time ago, they were both soldiers in Iraq or something like that... I'm almost sure it wasn't finished, and in the beginning of the chapters there were lyrics from Linkin Park's songs. 

Posted by synvul84 on 2011.07.08 at 18:54
Alright so I'm looking for a fic I have already read, but would like to read again. It was a Brian/Zack fic and they were going on a vacation from the band to go to Alaska (or Canada I don't remember). Included in the fic was pictures of the trip from the writer to make it more realistic. Any takers?


Club Appetite

Posted by lady_vengenz on 2011.06.20 at 22:06
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Does anyone remember this story from FanDom?
I have no idea who wrote it or if it ever made it on here but I have the first chapter printed out but that's it.
In case no one knows the name, it's about Zacky being a stripper and meeting Brian at the club. They start dating but Zacky has an abusive ex who's stalking him and eventually kidnaps him and Brian has to go rescue him. It has two endings, one sad, one good.
If anyone has this story, I'd be eternally grateful if you could email it to me ladyvengenz@aim.com

Matthew <3

Looking For...

Posted by xxloadedguns on 2011.06.03 at 01:52
Current Mood: hopefulhopeful
So, I've been talking to people lately who have informed me that they've saved particular stories to their computers. Stories that they like a lot and whatnot.

With this said, I was wondering if anyone out there had any awesome Brian/Zack or Matt/Zack stories saved and/or downloaded that they could share with me? I know some of you have saved avengedbeckfold's stories or soulmates never or an author who is no longer active or anything like that, simply because their writing is that great.

Can anyone help me out with this? It would really mean a lot because I'm sure someone out there probably has a story saved that I've been searching for. Please let me know if you have anything you can share with me! <3

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