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Searching for Synacky

Posted by deeg83 on 2013.01.20 at 23:29
Hi guys! A few months back I read a synacky here and of course me being the genius I am, I didn't add it to memories. I don't recall the title and have been searching for it since! Even my recollection of the story is vague but I hope someone recognises it.
So it starts of Brian and Zacky aren't together. Then they start the occasional fooling around. After each time, Brian says goodnight to Zack and he says it back. All I really know now is that it ends up with Brian saying goodnight to zack and zack replying with 'i love you too'. It has been annoying me for the longest time and I really need to read it again (as my memory of it is crap!) Id be grateful if someone could point me in the direction of this fic. Hopefully someone here recognises it :) Thanks in advance :)

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