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hey guys

Posted by syngates_guitar on 2013.04.26 at 00:58
i had posted a few months ago asking for monsterxofmine(hiddenxintent)) and screamsynscream and also Brokeback Island, and there was a comment on that post  but  it got suspended. If anyone sees this and knows what happened or has some of those stories, please please contact me. It will be much appreciated. 

Cute things that don't scare Gwen...
Posted by xembersrisex on 2013.04.12 at 09:26
This is my first time posting, but I was wondering if anyone had any of avengedbeckfold's stuff or anything by iiaw. I don't know what happened to them, so thanks in advance. If you want to email them to me, here is my email address: aly.askew@gmail.com

A7X Gang fic with OMC?

Posted by taste_the_syn on 2013.04.06 at 21:55
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syn in a wheelchair

Posted by swamprill on 2013.04.01 at 00:39
hey guys,

i'm looking for a fic called 'stand by me'. it is syn/zacky or syn/matt and syn is paralyzed from the waist down. the account of the author is gone and i can't seem to find it anywhere :(

Searching for Synacky

Posted by deeg83 on 2013.01.20 at 23:29
Hi guys! A few months back I read a synacky here and of course me being the genius I am, I didn't add it to memories. I don't recall the title and have been searching for it since! Even my recollection of the story is vague but I hope someone recognises it.
So it starts of Brian and Zacky aren't together. Then they start the occasional fooling around. After each time, Brian says goodnight to Zack and he says it back. All I really know now is that it ends up with Brian saying goodnight to zack and zack replying with 'i love you too'. It has been annoying me for the longest time and I really need to read it again (as my memory of it is crap!) Id be grateful if someone could point me in the direction of this fic. Hopefully someone here recognises it :) Thanks in advance :)

first time asking

Posted by syngates_guitar on 2012.11.03 at 17:26
hey, um, if anyone would happen to have Brokeback Island saved or anything by monsterxofmine or screamsynscream saved, it would be greatly appreciated if someone could send a link my way. thanks very much.

Old fic

Posted by oleanderbat on 2012.09.16 at 21:58
Looking for an old fic in which I believe the main pairing is jimmy/brian with zacky/johnny where they are in college and jimmy is a pastor's song and brian, zacky, and johnny are in a cult of set in which m. shadows is the leader. Please someone put me out of my misery!!!!

Looking for deleted fic...

Posted by rocket0187 on 2012.06.06 at 03:34
Ive been looking everywhere trying to find "Demonic" by moneyandrun. Sooo if someone has it saved and wouldnt mind passing it along please that would be soo awesome :).


Someone help!

Posted by xxloadedguns on 2012.05.11 at 20:16
Hi, everyone. ^_^.

I'm looking for a fic called To End The Rapture.

It's a Brian/Zack fic, and I believe what happens is that Brian and Zack don't get along for some reason, but it's obvious they have feelings for one another. We find out that Brian was raped (or something like that) before and that's a big reason why he treats Zack the way he does. They have moments together and then eventually they end up sleeping together and starting a secret relationship, and it's secret because it's also discovered Matt was the one who raped Brian and Brian's afraid that Matt will hurt Zacky if he finds out. Matt is also like a schitzo with major anger problems and I think he knocked up this other girl cuz he sleeps around. Lol. In the end, I think Matt ends up killing himself. :'(  It's such a good story, though, and I can't find it anywhere! I know it exists, but where it's linked to is just not working. D;

It's by an author on this site called jadegates_ink, and was also called jadegates, I believe. The fic is on her page, but its linked to a7x_slashness and when I click the chapters, it says the page was not found. :(

I was just wondering if anyone happened to have the fic saved or know of another place where it is available. It would mean a lot if someone could help me!! <3

Looking for saved fics...

Posted by rocket0187 on 2012.05.03 at 18:46
If anyone has any avengedbeckfold fics saved and wouldn't mind passing them along that would be awesome! She wrote the first fics I ever read and I would love to read them again. Thanks in advance!

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